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Perfect Books that gives value and information

BOOK SHOP - Perfect Books that gives value and information

September 25, 2016
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Perfect Books

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle PaperwhiteKindle Paperwhite

Rating: 4, from 1758 reviews

at Rs.10999 from Rs.12000

Perfect Books

Family Matters

Family MattersFamily Matters

Rating: 4.5, from 4 reviews

at Rs.910 from Rs.1200

Perfect Books

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective FamiliesThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families

Rating: 4.5, from 7 reviews

at Rs.350 from Rs.400

BOOK SHOP - Perfect Books that gives value and information

Reading is such a good habit that it can change your life.

Before the radio, television, mobiles there were only books that were source of knowledge and source of entertainment

Books gives our mind new ideas to generate new levels of thinking.

There are millions of books written on various topics throughout the world.

You will definitely find a book of your choice, that will appeal to you and your senses.

Certain books have great depth of knowledge and ideas, reading them can transfer those knowledge and ideas to your mind.

Let the books become your friend and guide you through your life.

Reading the books of your choice or on those topics that you want to acquire more information about can quench your thirst for knowledge.

Reading may not be only for enhancing knowledge but it can also be your favourite pass-time.

The interesting story books, novels, adventure books, detective books, self improvement books etc. can also be a source of pass-time.

You can choose your books from best-sellers so as to get an idea of what people are reading today.

But you may not depend on the best-selling books but you can choose a subject that interests you.

The preface and the cover page of any book can give you an idea into what you can expect to read in the book.

You can browse through the story-line of the book to help narrow down your choice when selecting the book to read.

Book description on our website will also give you an idea about what the content of the book is.

If you are just beginning as a book reader you can seek suggestions from your friends and colleagues to suggest a good book, to begin with.

You may also have many friends who are voracious readers, have reading sessions with them.

Books are also great for gifting. You can gift books on all occasions.

The books are available in different formats like paperback, hardcover, boardbook etc.

eBooks and audio books are also available.

Old books are those books that have spend their lives on the shelves of book stores but were not sold, such books are also available in the Book Shop.

Used books, would mean the books the people buy and after reading it sell it. Such books are resold on in the Book Shop.

Book Seconds are wrongly printed books or books with wrongly printed pages, missing pages from the publishers end, wrongly punched etc. Such books are rare but sometimes are available in the Book Shop.

Old Books and Used books are sold at heavily discounted prices, so you can avail these books easily.

Books sold on first come first serve basis, so you have to order fast as in most cases we may not be having copies of old and used books.

Book Shop is updated once a week with regard to old and used books. Keep checking the Book Shop regularly for book additions.

The product description will contain the information with regard to the condition of the book old and used books. Such books are sold as-is basis.

Bestseller books, Books of famous authors listed on the Book Shop.

Find rare books, out of print books, antique books on the Book Shop.

We make it our effort to provide books of different genre like Fiction, Comics, Self Help Books, Novels, Biographies etc.

Both Voracious Book Readers and Amateur Book Readers will find the books that they are interest in.

Send us the books after you read them whether you purchase it on our shop or not.

After you read a new, old or used book you can send it back to us.

Based on the condition of the book and the genre of the book we will credit your account.

If you sell the books to a old paper mart you will just get the cost as per the weight of the book but we will give you value with regard to the value of the your purchase.

You can buy more books with the amount of money credited to your account or with coupons issued in your favor.

Get 10% to 20% of Book value.

The amount will be allocated to you as credit to your account.

If the credit amount is given in the form of a coupon then the same will be send to you by email.

You can send used books by courier to our address given below.

The valuation of the book will be done by our team and the same will be final there would be no scope of bargaining.

When you send us a book please ensure to mention the complete detail of the book, its purchase details and attach the bill if you have it, it will increase your chance to get more credits.

Along with books you may also purchase any other products on Perfect Shop that are sold by Perfect Shop with those coupons or the amount credited to your account.

Please note that you can also donate your books. We will offer them free on the website to those who cannot afford to buy the books. Especially if your have school books that you want to donate. Please send the books that you want to donate on the below mentioned address. Also note that books send as donations will not get any credits on your account.

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Bhajiya Singh

Bhajiya Singh

Rating: 5, from 10 reviews

at Rs.50 from Rs.55

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Perfect Books

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle PaperwhiteKindle Paperwhite

Rating: 4, from 1758 reviews

at Rs.10999 from Rs.12000

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