Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry

A national bestseller

Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry - a national bestseller

September 25, 2016
Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry - a national bestseller

Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry - a national bestseller

Family Matters is a touching family story that revolves around the protagonist Nariman Vakeel.

It also has a glimpse of the past for Nariman Vakeel life his marriage and affair.

It is touching narration of the plight of senior citizens at the time when being dependent on their children.

The story shows how age, the process of ageing can not only bring the past back to life but also make the future very uncertain.

A small incident can put enough pressure to strong decisions taken that can bring about changes in the life of many people.

Disease prolongs the ageing process, the days and night seem to bring longer for those senior citizens who suffer from some kind diseases.

Furthermore if the disease makes the senior citizen dependent then that can have serious effects in the relationship with the near and dear ones.

The father or mother who supported their child from the time the child could not do anything, may find it difficult to get little support from that child to just survive or live through.

The hearts of people can be broken easily by family pressure and the relationships conjured up by a broken heart do not usually go anywhere.

This effects everybody and not just the person whose heart is broken.

The after effects of such a disaster are seen when the person reaches their old age.

This novel Family Matters, author Rohinton Mistry takes you through the ride of life on all the above and many other premises.

The narration is pretty impressive and you can visualize what the author Rohinton Mistry, has in his mind.

So if you are in search of a great story with a few tear jerks and a multi view of personal lives of people then you may get what you want in this novel by Rohinton Mistry published by Vintage International.

A story that says that it is not by what they are that people are defined but what they do when lives asks from them, that makes a person who he / she is.

A family is made up of everybody and by discounting the people who cannot be productive or are dependent, a person would have nothing. Because the children and the elders are both in this category.

As a child a person may want all the facilities and as a young person he / she would like to buy those facilities and at the old age he / she may again want all the facilities. In the earlier and latter stages the person is dependent on others.

It is the story of everyone as every child one day would grow to be an old man or woman.

Believing that old age is only for others is a misconception. It can only make life miserable when one faces the same situation himself / herself.

Life is short, but it may seem long, live it to the fullest with all everybody. The recipe made with the old, young and children make a good Family. And A good Family matters a lot in the current world.

Taking up Family matters in ones own hands and taking decision that would be best for everyone that is a part of the family is what makes a family complete.

Family Matters can be an eye opener for you. Family Matters can make you feel proud. Family Matters can make you cry. All depends on which character of the story you relate your life with.

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