The best reading devices for all ebooks

Kindle Paperwhite - The best reading devices for all ebooks

September 24, 2016
Kindle Paperwhite - The best reading devices for all ebooks

Kindle Paperwhite - The best reading devices for all ebooks

On the Kindle Reader you can read eBooks as if you are reading in a normal book, there is no difference at all.

It uses such an advanced technology that you will not find any glare on the screen even in bright sunlight.

You can also read comfortably at night, even in the dark as Kindle Reader has a evenly lit display.

It has a large inbuilt memory allowing you to store a number of eBooks in it without having to download the eBook every time.

You can take the Kindle Reader everywhere you go, it would be like carrying a library along with you wherever you go.

It has a long battery life and you can use it for many days without charging it again and again.

It is very light in weight and so easy to handle in any position that you would like to read.

When compared to a normal book, its weight is comparatively lesser, which makes it more convenient to carry around.

The size of a Kindle Reader is such that it can easily fit into your pocket, so that you can carry it conveniently.

The fonts are darker when compared to a normal book, this makes reading the eBook very easy.

The fonts used in the Kindle Reader are hand tuned so as to increase the clarity of the letter when reading.

You can access all the eBooks available on Kindle using the Kindle Reader.

The prices of the eBooks are very low when compared to normal books, which allows you to read more with the same amount of money.

It has an inbuilt Wi-Fi technology that will enable you to download eBooks automatically.

Thousands of eBooks are available exclusively on Kindle, you can access them using the Kindle Reader.

The uniform white screen and sharp fonts on it makes reading very comfortable for your eyes.

It has a uniform contrast ratio, it means that you can read from the Kindle Reader at any angle.

You will have the option to read a few free pages of any eBook before deciding to buy the same.

Once you buy an eBook you can read it as many times as you want on the Kindle Reader.

You can adjust the font sizes as per your reading comfort. You can increase and decrease the font size for better readability.

You can also choose from the different types of fonts that are available on the Kindle Reader.

It also support characters other than English, so you can read the books you want in the language you like (if translation is available).

Kindle Reader uses the same page numbers as in the printed book, allowing you to cite a page or reference from the book during a conversation.

The precise Five Way Controller gives you total control when navigating on the Kindle Reader.

It also has a function of looking up the words or a selection of words, for better understanding.

Kindle Reader is equipped with a very fast processor so that processing time is very quick and pleasing.

Turning of pages is just as easy as in a printed book, even better with touch sensitive response of Kindle Reader.

Using the Whispersync technology of Amazon you can sync the reading page and bookmarks across all Kindle readers or Kindle enabled devices, so that you can pick up from where you left reading.

Once you buy an eBook it gets stored in the Cloud Storage, from there you can download it as many times as you want without any charges.

You can search for words and passages on the internet using services like Google Search, Wikipedia etc.

Kindle Reader incorporates a inbuilt Oxford Dictionary where you can find out the meaning of words very easily.

It also supports panel view, using Kindle Panel View you can read children comics panel by panel.

You can carry your documents and other files in it for printing later or completely do away with printing the same.

You can share your documents and other files using Kindle reader. You can even share social networks thorough it.

It gives you an option to write notes in the margins which can be edited or deleted at a later time.

Passages can be highlighted for future references and commonly highlighted passages can be seen by other readers.

You can shop for Kindle product directly from the Kindle Reader using the inbuilt Wi-Fi service.

The eBook and other products that you buy on Kindle Reader will be delivered to you very fast, in seconds.

Kindle Reader can also recommend eBooks that would be of interest to you based on you reading habits.

It has parental controls, using those settings you can let your children use the Kindle Reader without any worries.

It comes custom packaged with a cover that has leather on the outside and microfiber inside, to protect it. The cover folds back neatly allowing you to read the Kindle Paperwhite with one hand.

Main Features of Kindle Paperwhite - The best reading devices for all ebooks are:

Kindle Paperwhite has a 6 inch display

It is laced with the latest Carta e-paper technology for comfortable reading.

It has highly optimized fonts technology with 300 pixels per inch.

It sports 16 level grey scale display among other features for easy reading.

It measures 169 mm X 117 mm X 9.1 mm, making it very compact and easy to carry.

Its weight is less than 217 gms. which makes it lighter than a normal book and easy to handle.

It uses Wi-Fi and 3G to download its contents and does not require a computer to download content.

It has a huge inbuilt memory of approximately 4 GB which can store as many as thousands of books at a time, ensuring you will never run out of books.

It comes packaged with free Cloud Storage for all content from Amazon, where all the eBooks purchased by you will be stored, so you will not loose any eBook at any time.

The long lasting Battery life of the Kindle Paperwhite enables you to use it for six weeks on a single charge*.

It charges very fast. It gets fully charged in just 4 hours of charge using USB connection. It also comes with an Power Adapter.

It support different types of Wi-Fi connectivity and services.

* This detail is based on the usage wherein reading is done for half an hour every day and the wireless switched off while the in built light is set at 10.
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