Parenting Course Introduction

Art of living with a Child

Parenting Course Introduction - Art of living with a Child

September 07, 2016
Parenting Course Introduction - Art of living with a Child
  • Parenting is an activity that includes but is not limited to our interactions with our children. It is seen that every parent is different from the other in some way or the other. It can be ideally said that each person has a unique style of parenting.
  • But what is parenting. Why this term has acquired a new level of importance in mordern times? Why a person becomes confused when he / she becomes a parent? If you have similar questions in your mind and are looking for answers, all you have to do is to just read on.
  • Parenting is a very wide term and includes the use of all the sciences known to man and even those sciences that are unknown to man. Like it involves the use of psycology, physiology, medicine, counseling, basic science, mathamatics, etc. You name it parenting includes it.
  • How? Because bringing up a child invloves the imparting of knowledge that you have within you and those that you can provide to your child directly from other people or institutions without you having to learn it.
  • It is the manner in which you make your child accept this knowledge that the process of parenting is all about. All the love, affection and other feeling you give to your new born baby is just a knowledge that you are imparting to your child. The baby does not know love, affection and other feelings. It is the way you express them that your child learns and very soon your child will start giving you back what you have taught him / her.
  • Even you will not be able to remember when your parents taught you to love, care for people and other feeling. You might think that you might be born with those feeling. But it is not so. The only feeling that a child is born with is pain. And the only thing a child knows to do to express pain is shout, make a noise by opening its mouth. The intensity of pain makes tears flow from the eyes of the child.
  • All the other feeling are taught to the child primarily by his / her parents and then with every interaction with the world the child continues to learn. What a child would have learnt at a particular point in his / her life and the manner in which he / she can implement the same is called the character of the child in lay many terms.
  • To understand this look into yourself. Let us check out a basic input of knowledge. If your parents had taught you that the color red is green. You will believe it because you do not know what the color green is. Now if you go into the world and the people tell you that the color you call green is actually red, you may end up fighting with them. Because they are doubting your belief. But what you believe to be your belief is actually just a bit of knowledge that you acquired from your parents.
  • It is this difference in imparting of knowledge to a child and also the level of accepting the knowledge that a child has that decides what a child would become in the future or what the child is like at present.
  • So if you see a child has grown up to become the president of a country. Then it is the knowledge acquired by the child all through the life that have allowed him / her to achieve that position. And it is the implementation of that acquired knowledge that makes other accept that child as the president of a country.
  • Now you can comprehend the importance of parenting. This is what makes the future of your child. It is what decides that your child will be in the future. And bundled with is what your future will be.
  • If any child grows up to become an anti social element, or a person hated by everyone, remember he / she was not born that way. It is the parenting that the child recieved that made that child what he or she is today.
  • Now you may have realized that parenting is not constrained to parents alone but any person associating with a child should be aware of parenting. But in this busy world where a person has to learn so many subjects, learning parenting is often not given any importance. Further more it is not considered at all.
  • Along with parents, teachers, counselors, doctors, people involved in social service etc. should be aware of parenting techniques. This would help them in their interactions with children.
  • The 3 hour parenting course enumerates certain general parameters that will help a you identify where in your parenting efforts you can make improvements. In certain cases you will be able to make those changes yourselves.
  • But it is seen that parenting like any other activity becomes a habit with those who implement it on their children. This makes it very difficult to change, but not impossible. To help you make these changes we have a comprehensive 42 day parental rejuenation course which will help you inculcate and maintain the features of good parenting in you.
  • Since each person is different, it would take different methods to inculcate the features of good parenting. So one on one sessions would be needed to do so. You can check out our 3 hour session by registering for the same here and after the session we would want to enumerate the fields in which you would need improvement on.
  • With that aim in mind you can join the comprehensive 42 day parental rejuenation course. So that you and we know which are the point that have to be stressed upon in your course as we go on.
  • You can use our Contact us page to register for the 3 hour parenting course. Use the code PRC in the message box and we will contact you when the next session of the parental course will be. Once the time is fixed and if you can make it at that time there would be a small fee of Rs.100/- This fees is not refundable.
  • After doing this course when and after deciding on the improvements that you would require you may join the Parental rejuenation course that will be 42 day course with 2 sessions per week of 1 hour each and you will have to do your homework for the rest of the days.
  • As discussed above since parenting covers a vast area of subjects the courses have to custom made for each person to suit his / her requirement. And it would also take the person some time to learn and implement the techniques that is taught.
  • Though the comprehensie course has been designed, this design is regularly updated as per the new insights recieved on a regular basis.
  • As soon as a course is scheduled a rough outline of the course is created with the most common components, but the course is dynamic and will continue to include and exclude modules as it poceeds.
  • Parenting, is today widely categorized as the the love by parents for their children, but in truth it is the knoledge imparted by the parents to their chrldren. It is the imparting of knowledge that creates or decides how the life of your child will be.
  • Parenting is much beyond the expression of love. It is teaching your child what love is. What that feeling is? How to express love? It is what makes your child understand love and express the same.
  • Since time immemorial parenting has always been a strong part of the development of a child. It is only now that it is known that this branch of study can improve the quality of the next generation to come.
  • The bond between the parents and their children and other people influencing the development of the child has a great influence in the child learning the different aspects of life.
  • By controled parenting or trained parenting you can teach your child the basic structure of feelings, respect, how to understand, how to learn etc. Thus this would become one of the most important factor that would be a building block in the development of your child.
  • Parenting is believed to be a default action from the heart that happens automatically, but it is actually the imparting of knowledge pertaining to the various aspects of life that was learnt by the parent or other influencers as a child and as they grew up.
  • It is completely different from the what we do daily, because what we do daily is implement what we have already learnt. In parenting you have to put in efforts to teach your child or your child will learn things that you do not want your child to acquire. Because your child will continue to learn whether you teach or not.
  • on the whole as discussed includes a complex structure of all the sciences known and unknown to man, but despite its complex nature the entire process can be boiled down to three sectors.
  • These three sectors are obedience, reward and fear each of which includes all the sciences as discussed above.
  • The sectors should not be constured as the act of parenting but it should be seen as a goal while the action would be the method of how to reach those goals.
  • The method would include understanding, behavior and communication towards and from these goals that the child has to inculcate.
  • By leaning about parenting the to be parent or influencer of the child can set his or her parameters well in advance before the real life experience of the same
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  • It will be a guide to observe, instruct, comprehend and physically express themselves before their child or to be child.
  • To have a good harmony in the family and a sense of trust, it is essential that a balance is created using techniques given the course should be meticulously inculcated and exercised.
  • Any experience from your parents or from your friends and well wishers for the improvement of your parenting skills should be taken positively but should be used at your discretion.
  • One should also appreciate the inspiration and all the thought that has led you to seek guidance and support in this regard
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  • Parenting is an act that may or may not develop into a habit.
  • You can control it completely.
  • It is like learning a skill.
  • Seems difficult in the beginning but once you have mastered it you can perform it with your eyes closed.
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