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Perfect Shop | Vision, Mission and Values

Perfect Shop | Vision, Mission and Values


Our Vision is to develop businesses and individuals inculcating modern techniques and practices in accordance with the continual development of our team members, at with a view to achieve sustainable growth and to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients.


Our Mission, at is to set up businesses and individuals, to think beyond the spheres they have created for themselves and match their growth with the world class development, so as to aspire for more and experience the joy of achieving it with a smile on their face and the space to see bigger dreams come to reality.


Our Values Include:


We, at foster our resources such that it is focused on our commitments so as to generate a high level of impact and to contribute to the service provided by us. We deliver service to our clients by managing their requirement in such a manner that it provides accountability to all those who are involved.


Our team, at brings forth their skills to create an ideal environment with direct and effective communication with due respect to our client’s objectives, such that each one does what they have to do, to complete the task on hand. Punctuality, information regarding progress of the process, professional approach, accuracy in work standards, ensure performance, provide training or guidance to all involved, follow-up rigorously, be committed to promises etc. are some of the practices followed by our team.


Our intention, at is to create an environment in which the vision of our client is realized. Attention to detail in the creation and management of this environment is the outstanding feature of our operations. We put in all our efforts to consistently achieve the objectives set up by our clients.


Our team, at listens to our client’s requirements, being responsible for the welfare of our client. The welfare of our clients is fundamental to us, so is the opportunity of being able to provide service to our clients. Welfare of our clients and our team is achieved by explaining to each member of the team about the client’s targets, give due consideration to the welfare of the client and the team members, informing the team members and / or our client of any welfare considerations or issues, managing the coordination of our client with the team members, find out if anyone on the team has any reservations with the client’s objectives such that they become clear that they have to conservative in managing the same, find out if every member of the team is clear in what he / she has to do to achieve the client’s objectives and that they have the necessary resources to accomplish the same.

Our Strong Points

Providing services for a period of more than 19 years, we, at have acquired many strong points to our credit in the respective services that we provide.


We, at have skilled personnel to provide all services. Our dedicated and efficient team delivers more than the expectation of our clients. Skilled people from different fields offer their services to successfully achieve given targets within the given time frame. We also train our staff to acquire latest skills and techniques that are used at national and international level.


We have a record of delivering our services to our clients with a success rate of 95%. We also ave managed unique projects and got positive result before targeted time.


We, at provide consistent and reliable solutions to our clients by adopting latest techniques and definitive approach towards client satisfaction. We always adopt our services as per the needs and requirements of our client so as to achieve their objectives.

Customer Benefits

Thousands of people have fullfiled their clothing needs they through our online and offline platforms. Hundreds of clothing manufactures, dealers and traders have sold their clothing products through our shop outlet and website. Thousands of people in Bhayandar and Mira Road have visited our shop all these years. Thousands of members of different Communities have availed our Fashion Designing, Tailoring and Manufacturing services.

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